8 Most Beautiful Women of 2018



There are countless beautiful women on earth. This list is not an attempt to pit woman against each other or compare their individual achievement. Different people have different ideas about beauty. And while the nature of beauty is unique to the observer and cannot be objectively quantified, we can all agree that beautiful women have a lot in common.

We try to limit this list to only those women who have attained a fair level celebrity status. These women are smart, desirable and down-to-earth.  They’ve provided the anthem of a generation, featured in numerous movies and grace countless runways. However, the contribution of these women to our society cannot be disregarded, they are much more than a pretty face, they have big hearts. Their kindness, energy, and resilience have inspired many across the globe. Here are the top 8 most beautiful women of 2018.

Olympia Valance

Olympia Valance is an Australian actress and Model. The TV beauty is the half-sister of actress and singer Holly Candy. Her long-running acting role in Neighbors where she portrays Paige has earned her nomination for the Best Daytime Star at the Inside Soap Awards in 2015 and Most Popular New Talent at Logie Awards. Acting Aside, Olympia is also the face of UK lingerie brand Gossard and appeared in the Autumn/Winter collection of 2016 for the American fashion label Guess. She is currently dating Greg Cannell and lives in Melbourne Australia. She drew inspiration from her mom whom she said was her number woman and the most beautiful woman in the world.