8 Best Vehicles For Thrill Seekers



Jeep Renegade

There will likely be several Jeeps on this list. Why? Well, mainly because Jeep is known for building off road vehicles. After all, there isn’t much of a market for taking a Rolls Royce out into the fields. The Renegade is a fairly inexpensive cross over, meaning it is the size of a small SUV but with a car chassis (in this case based on a Fiat car).

With the smaller wheel base, it allows for quicker and more dexterous handling, which is a must have when taking it off the main road. The price for this beauty starts around $20,000. However, remember to always play it safe and look up some affordable car insurance quotes before heading out on your adventure.

Looking up online car insurance quotes is a must before taking this Jeep Renegade off road.